Get the PKOSH App for iPhone


  • Iphone SIP Dialer
  • Very low Text Message (SMS) rates
  • Free calls to Pkosh, GoogleTalk and Skype customers
  • FREE Voicemail - Call Forwarding - Inbound and Outbound Numbers
  • Call Anywhere
  • You can make VoIP calls in Pkosh app via Wi-Fi or 3G or local providers Internet
  • accsess to softfone in your portal for calls from your Laptop

The app is FREE to download and use.

This app gives you a fully featured Dialing Application, utilizing your providers dialing services into our local access number (if one is available in your country). The above type of service is using your providers minutes while using our services,

Our SIP accounts give you the privilege to bypass your local providers minute charges and use only the providers DATA plan.

our VoIP Sip Accounts are only $10.00USD per Month, includes a inbound and outbound US Number with unlimited US calls,

Very low cost calls

Wherever you are in the world, You can make low cost internet calls and send text messages to any landline or mobile using our iPhone App.

Download the App

The Pkosh Iphone application is available on the official Apple App Store, and is available for all iPhones running iOS4 (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4).

For a full step-by-step guide see our iPhone help page.